I often am asked about recording at home. I have a setup that I have used for dozens of sessions and people like the way it sounds. Here is what I use and why…

What you need;

A great sounding room, with an amazing mic/D.I/mic pre set up into a high end mic pre into a DAW.

What you’ve got;

My spare/music room, a mid priced condenser mic/a decent D.I./decent mic pre into a mid priced mic pre into a DAW.

So you have to make the best of what you have!

The Room.

Let’s say you have the ‘spare’ room. 8 foot by 6 foot parallel walls and ceiling and a big glass window. Hardly ideal but it’s a start. If you are recording upright with a microphone the room will play a big part in the focus of the sound irrespective of how great your bass is.

You will need room treatment to help with the room sound. You don’t need to go sticking acoustic tiles all over the walls and ceiling. Either make some sound absorbing boxes and hang them on picture hooks or but some ready made ones. Studiospares is good for this sort of thing. Have a look at these for instance;¬†




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