Here are some reviews of the gear I use. I hope you find these informative.

Mains Cables.

Yes I am serious! One day I looked at my skinny, poor quality IEC mains lead and thought I could do much better. I set on a quest to find an affordable alternative that will be much better quality. You can pay hundreds of pounds for a ‘hi-fi’ type mains cable that wouldn’t last a few gigs, so I had to be sensible. After hunting around on the net I found a small company called Isokinetik. They deal in hifi, record deck arm upgrades, isolation platforms and cables. Their IEC cable looked great value at £29.99, so I gave it a whirl. More than a year later I have to report back that it has been great and I havn’t had any mains related ‘noise’ problems at all.

Here is a picture of my old IEC lead and the Isokinetik.P1000680

As you can see there is a huge difference in cable and plug quality. A lot of people ask me whether it makes any difference. My reply is that you should have the best quality cables you can afford throughout your rig. You would buy a cheap crappy jack to jack lead or speaker cable, so why not look after the mains side too? Here is a close up of the IEC plug and a cable comparison. The cable has a second earth that goes outside the normal 3 cores of the mains cable. This gives better rf rejection.



I also have a figure 8 cable from Isokinetik. These cables are usually very dodgy quality as the moulded plugs are very skinny and larger cable cannot be used. Here is the one I was supplied with a T-Rex Fuel Tank Jr next to the Isokinetik. I paid £85 for the power supply and got a cable that must have cost them £1 trade….  The Isokinetik lead has a rf choke (the cylindrical bit that bulges out ) in line and much beefier cable. Compare the plugs in the second picture below. Like the IEC lead it has an MK Toughplug with silver plated contacts and a silver fuse. This figure 8 lead was £29.99 again, not really that much when you look at how much better it is than standard….



I don’t have a deal or any affiliation with Isokinetik but I just thought that I would mention their good quality, value for money no bullshit products here. They will make custom lengths too for a little extra.

The website is here;

Scroll down and go to the cables link.

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