Overwater Basses
My main 5 string basses are made by the guys at Overwater (Chris May, Haydn Williams, Lawrence Blackadder). Great instruments and completely hand-built in Carlisle.

East J-Retro 01
In my J-type 5 string basses I use the fantastic J-Retro preamp by John East.

TC Electronic Bass
I am a TC user and have the BH800 head with the Switch-3 and a K210 cab. Fab gear, feel the quality!

Bareknuckle Pickups
I have three JV Squier basses, a P and a J,  and a USA Fender ’57’ re-issue. They are equipped with  Bareknuckle Pickups. My ’57’ has the overwound ‘OX’ pickups and you can hear the Jazz and Precision on the Bare Knuckle Demos.

Bartolini Pickups
The Overwater J-Series basses are all equipped with Bartolini in line hum cancelling pickups. I have been a Bartolini user since 1982.

Elixir Strings
My Overwater 5 string J-Series basses are all shod with these excellent and long lasting strings. No more weekly changes and a great punchy sound and smooth feel too. I am using the 14087 Nickel .045″-.105″ set with a .130″ B-String.


Jo Harman
See me out and about with Jo performing her unique brand of soul/blues. She is quite simply one of the finest singers I have ever worked with and I think the best in this area since Sam Brown. Jo reminds me of Elkie Brooks with that Blues/Soul/Folk mix, if you love Vinegar Joe then Jo’s music will be right up your street.



Lundgaard Studios
The studio Leo Sayer’s 2005 album was recorded in.

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