I have a long and fruitful association with Overwater Basses and have been a user since 1989 when Chris made me a matching pair of Six String Basses. I even visited the factory during my honeymoon in 1990 (thanks Caroline!) for a most romantic interlude! Well the basses did need a service….
My more recent Overwaters are a matching pair of J-Series Basses, one fretted and one fretless. The fretted has a John East J-Retro circuit, the fretless is passive,  both have Bartolini pickups and Hipshot hardware. I also have the original J-Series prototype bass which has an early East J-Retro 01 in and Bartolini in line hum cancelling pickups. It has a maple neck and swamp ash body and sounds cracking!
I also three early Squier basses, two Precision Basses and a Jazz Bass. Two are fitted with Bareknuckle pickups and the early ’82 Precision is stock and is a rare ‘Fender’ logo model. There is a 2000 Fender USA ’57 reissue, which is black with a maple neck and Bare Knuckle ‘The Ox’ pickups. It is a nice light weight and with Elites flatwounds sounds absolutely fat and funky in a very 60s way!

Finally I have a 2001 teal blue maple neck Musician Stingray Bass in Teal Blue. It is used but new to me and in unbelievable condition with the original case. I can satisfy my Louis Johnson, Flea and Bernard Edwards fantasies with this one.


I have the new TC Electronic BH800, and a Delta 600 which I designed with Chris May, John Wakefield and the team at Carlsbro Electronics in the mid 90s. Check the pictures section for some photographs.

The TC BH800 is an excellent new addition to my backline, being high powered, portable and versatile. I use it in conjunction with the Switch 3 pedal, which controls the 2 tone print locations and offers a cute function. The amp has a very true uncoloured tone and a fast response. I really like the way it ‘feels’ while I play as I use a lot of damping in my style and it translates this well into the K210 cabinet.

Speaker Cabinets.

I have a few different boxes to choose from, a TC K210, Eden 115XL and an Ampeg 210 Classic.

My most recent addition is the K210 cabinet. It is a high powered cabinet at 400 watts and is rear ported. It has a nice fat and funky response, is nicely extended in the high and low end but retains a nice mid range without being too scooped. In conjunction with the BH800 it is a great, portable and high powered set up.


I have a few D.I.’s, a recent Tech 21 Sans Amp Bass Driver, a vintage Sans Amp, B.S.S. AR 116 and a Fishman Platignum Pro pre amp.

My effects include the two Boss OC-2 Octavers, two vintage CE-2 chorus pedals, a 3 Leaf Proton Envelope Filter, Bel Electrolabs ADT (I have two…), a vintage (1978) EH Bass Balls and several Morley Volume pedals. I have three Korg tuners a Boss TU-22 and a very useful TC Polytune clip on that is always in my bag.

I now have the Carl Martin Match Box for switching. It is a fuss free A/B switcher of high quality.

I also now have a TC Corona Chorus which has the ground breaking tone print technology. You can now edit by connecting up to your Mac or PC for extra parameters. I am loving the warm TC Classic Chorus sounds as well as loading in some tone prints front the phone app, which you can load in on the fly.

Power comes from a Carl Martin Pro Power V2 and a T-Rex Fuel Tank JR.

I also have Pedaltrain JR and Nano pedalboards.


I am really fussy about cables and have Vo-Vox, Van Damme, Klotz and Sommer cables with Neutrik and Switchcraft plugs. I have the new Sommer XXL cable which sounds (and looks) great. For my recording signal path I have gold plated connectors throughout. For speaker cables it is Klotz or QED (quality hi-fi cable) with Neutrik Speakons. For mains I have ISOkinetik cables, which are good value quality mains cables with an MK toughplug, beefy IEC and figure 8 connectors and rf-shielded mains cable.

Recording Set-Up.

I have had a Studio setup since around 1986 when I had the usual Atari 1040ST midi setup. These days I am running a Mac Pro with Logic and some Audient interfaces. I have an iD22 interface and their 8 mic preamps in a rack called the ASP-880. These units have upped my signal path quality hugely whilst being extremely good value. Check them out if you are in the market for something new.



Strings. I am using Elixir Strings and am loving the smooth feel and long life of them. My hard working Overwater J 5 in Kinky Boots has .045″-.130″ extra long scale strings on. Check out the recent You Tube Clips if you want to hear what they sound like.

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