Rock and Read.


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Rock and Read.

Rock and Read is a book series written by Mike Nichols and I. It is a simple to use group of six songs for bass, guitar, keyboards and drums at a standard of Grades 1 to 2.

The Bass Book is available in an iPad app via iBass Magazine.

The Books.

Each book contains six songs which range from Classic Rock style to a more Contemporary groove. The songs are laid out in an easy to read, logical manner using an industry standard, professional score programme. The aim of the books is to help students read stave notation. There is no ‘TAB’ in the guitar or bass books, just notation and chord cue above the stave.

The Audio.

To go along with the books is the audio content. You can download each track from the website and there are versions with each instrument and groups of instruments muted. You can download the tracks from the Rock and Read website here; Click on the ‘download backing tracks’ link on the left hand side to go to the correct page.

Buy Rock and Read.

You can buy the Books and download the tracks from the Rock and Read website here;

You can buy the Rock and Read Bass app for iPad from here;

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