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I am a busy professional bass player based in London. My professional career of 34 years covers all aspects of popular music including Touring, Recording, Television and Theatre work. This website gives an overview of my credits, the equipment I use and news for forthcoming gigs. There are links to the equipment I use and to associated artists I have worked with, reviews pages for equipment, a playlist for what I am checking out and bass transcriptions. There are also links to You Tube clips featuring bands/artists I have been working with. The transcriptions page is passworded, please email me for the combination to get in to this section. If you teach bass, drums, keyboards or guitar individually or in an ensemble you might be interested in the Rock and Read course. It a simple way to get students reading stave notation in a clear simple way. Check out the Rock and Read page here.

News. 25/06/2019

The Boaters Project album was released in May 2016 and has been fantastically well received. We have now sold out of the initial CD run and it is now available on Apple Music, iTunes and Spotify. Our next Gig is at The Boaters Inn, Kingston Sunday 30th June at 8pm. Catch up with updates on Facebook at @theboatersproject or on the website which is www.theboatersproject.com.

I have recently finished a four night run from the 6th and 9th June 2019 at The Pizza Express Jazz Club, Soho, with two legends, Paul Jackson Jr on guitar and Eric Marienthal on Sax. It was a great experience playing with these two and accompanied by Neil Angilley on keyboards and Jack Pollitt on drums we had a blast.

Over the past 2 1/2 years I have been charting out nearly 30 songs for the ‘Thunderthumbs Project‘. I wanted to play some of the great music that Louis Johnson played bass on, as a sideman and as a member of his group with brother George, The Brothers Johnson. We have so far played three Gigs at the Bulls Head to get the project up and running and it has been great fun. There are 10 in the band and I felt this is a minimum to play this music and do it justice. We have three singers, three brass and four in the rhythm section. It is such a lot of fun and most of the tunes are rarely played on gigs, so it is especially nice to give them an airing. We play everything from ‘We’re Gonna Make It’, from Billy Preston’s album, ‘Music Is My Life’ in 1972 right through to the big hits for Quincy Jones Productions in the 1980s. Our next Gigs are at The Bulls Head, Barnes on Friday 13th September followed by the Southend Jazz Festival at the Cliffs Pavillion on 9th October. Come on down and feel the groove. Checkout the Facebook page here on @ThunderthumbsBand

I am now going on to finish some tunes for a long overdue bass album. Some of the tracks date back to the 90s and have been sitting around and now is a great opportunity to put them out there. There are some amazing players who have made contributions already with 9 tracks near to completion. I just need 2 or 3 more tracks to make the thing complete.

My Studio has had a small refit which has included a new interface and mic preamps from the British Company Audient. I am using the iD22 interface and ASP-880 which has expanded my capabilities and upped the quality of my signal path hugely. I’m really enjoying the experience of using this very well put together and high quality gear. Nearly finished is the renovation of my 1973 Fender Rhodes which needed a total rebuild. I have replaced the felts and shims and have nearly finished it after about 40 hours work. I just need a few springs and washers to get the thing all working, then I have to set it up. Wish me  luck.





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